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As usual, it's been a while. I haven't thought to post anything here, but I have been creating nonetheless.

For now, I'm ankle-deep in my next project (Situation-0), and in the moments when I can't quite get something right in said project, I'll keep my writing chops sharp by working on other, smaller, writing projects. The most prominent of these side projects is the episodic dungeonpunk adventure "Blast Back" which I'm hosting on my blog, that can be read for free! Who doesn't like free? If you're into that sort of thing, I'd recommend giving it a peek. If you enjoy it, please don't forget to share it with others.
I haven't been around for a usual...but that's because I've been busy getting my book published :D I've also been spending my time on my own blog, away from this here place on the interwebs, which has many more of my thoughts and other things worth hearing about. If you want to check out some sample pages of my book and get it from some fine online retailers, you can just follow this here…, which is also my blog, so it's chock-full of crap you don't care about :p

Definitely check out and keep up to date with me on that there blog, instead of here, where I never update and therefore come here once a month to sift through 100+ notifications.

Hope to see you there!
Hooooooooooooooly crap on a cracker.

It has been a while, hasn't it?

My apologies, I've been exceptionally busy forgetting entirely about DevinatART and having awesome adventures in Vancouver with the love of my life. Although there was the whole point that I was avoiding this place because every time I would come on, avast! would warn me of a virus, or I'd get a virus and have to restore my computer to an early date. I figured the easiest way to deal with this was to just stop coming here - and it worked! No viruses :D I could say that I'll post more pictures (as soon as I actually start drawing again), and even work on some Calvin and Hobbes strips, but of course, I don't want to promise anything. Baby steps, y'know? I'll slowly get back into it.

What's new with me? Lessee...playing Dissidia 012[duodecim] because it's just a very fun game, and the awesome tweak to the system makes the gameplay that much better. Radiant Historia is also another really great turn-based RPG for the DS, and Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is another incredible gem that will probably get looked over :(

Other than that, it's just another day, I suppose. Procrastination and love compose me, although the former is less of a hassle than it used to be.

So, yeah...let's see how things go, shall we?
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It has been a while, hasn't it? Sorry for no updates (is anyone even reading this thing?), but I've been busy.

Final Fantasy XIII has come out, and has actually knocked VIII down a peg. I never thought it possible. The game is brilliant. My only gripes are the one member control, and party leader game overs. Other than that, loving it.

I'm still working on the illustrations, but it's slow usual. Luckily, I've been in high-spirits the last few weeks, so I'm much more inclined to actually do productive things. A new muse never hurts, either ;D

Other than that...uh...I've got nothing. My life is sugah 'n' rainbows right now, which is all I could ask for, and all I really need.

Be Safe~
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Things are fine.

Unfortunately, I'm still having trouble getting these illustrations done, which has me thinking of maybe cutting down on the number of images to put into the novel. I'm still unsure, but it might be a venue to take. I wanted this to be out by the holidays, but it looks like it will be out by the end of it...

In other news, Modern Warfare 2 was the biggest entertainment release in history. This means that it was bigger than any movie or book release thus far. That's huge. And we had about 300 customers at the store to pick it up at midnight. It was one of the craziest midnight openings that I've ever worked, ever.

Aaaaand that's about it. My life is pretty boring unless you're me.
I'm content, and that's what matters most, really.

Be safe
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Things are going slowly.

Our one other part-timer is blazing new trails so he can't work pretty much at all, so I have picked up the slack. Luckily, this allows me to accrue a larger amount of currency, which is great. Yet, the work is spreading me a little thin. I really want to get these illustrations done, but first I have to get the concepts done, but to do that I have to not be working or sleeping, or be trying to not neglect my friends. No simple task.

I suppose I just have a lot on my plate, but you know what? I'm always ready for a second course.

And out of nowhere, something I've been dabbling with...

        Struggling to rise to her feet, Mar’Ia grasped at the edge of a crate. Holding herself up, she tiredly sighted her weapon, her trigger finger itching as she did so.
        “I want them to suffer. I want them to regret any action they take. I want them to meet with resentment and disrespect wherever they go; piercing, judgmental eyes that constantly make them aware of the mistakes they made. I want them to know that they can never retrieve what they used to have. I want them to cry out as their worlds shatter around them, and in doing so realize it’s all - their - fault...”

Later, kiddies.
Be safe
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Well...things are mostly back to normal. Had an art cram session with :iconfoomy: and we actually managed to get some concepts done that I desperately needed to finish. With those concepts done, I can actually finish more of the artwork for Fiction Junction (haHA! I still remember HTML).

In other news, at least for the Calvin and Hobbes watchers, I'm gearing up for a couple more ideas. I might churn them out during a "Doodles for Dexterity" stint, so I don't get too bored drawing the FJ artwork all the time. Of course, some old friends will be returning, most of you should know by now, since there's been the constant mention of them by all of you.

Otherwise...still on a little break from writing (a little, I still tend to dabble every now and then), playing Crackdown and Star Ocean: The Last Hope (very fun), and Modern Warfare with Josh and the crew. Oh, and my gas station closed down, because the owner is a complete failure So now I'm back to the one job at GameStop...gotta get out there and find something new.

No regrets though, right?

"If you have time to regret, use it instead to react."
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Last night I lost someone. My grandmother, Bernadine, passed away after fighting off cancer for nearly eleven years.

This is the toughest thing I've had to deal with, because this is the first person in my life of great importance who has passed away. My grandmother taught me a lot about art, and she pushed me forward on all of my creative endeavors, from being a silly kid just wasting pages in his school notebooks by filling them with doodles of Power Rangers and Sailor Moon, to my writing, which I am steadfastly trying to turn into a career.

Never have I lost someone so important like this. Knowing that they can no longer be there is a hard thing to bear. Knowing that she won't be there to support me when I'm finally making something of myself. The fact that I couldn't get things done sooner for her to see what I've created makes me angry at myself.

It's all still sinking in, but I already miss her. However, it's better than her suffering, barely able to breathe, and even talk to the family and friends she loves.

I'm not sure how I'll get through this.

Your fight is over now, Bernadine. Please, rest easy.
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As of now, the book's writing process is finished (yeah, yeah, I've been working on it for a long while now).

Now onto the artwork. Unfortunately, I haven't drawn outright for a little while, and couple that with recent events, my dexterity has kinda suffered. Everyone, as well as myself, suggested I just start doodling before I get into the actual art that I want to place in the pages of the book. Anything that I deem worthy (read: not crap) I'll drop onto DA, since journal entries aren't what the few people who watch me want to see. Wish me luck, and pray that the muses guide my hands and I get get great work out of it.

And unfortunately, after months and months of brainstorming a cover design, I finally got one...only to find out a few days ago when I glanced at the packet my publisher gave me that I had the wrong template in mind...back to the drawing board.

In other news, gas stations are boring as hell to work at. It's like time slows down. At least at GameStop there's stuff to talk about, watch on the demo units, or whatever...oh least its money. Right?

EDIT: Deleted my most recent journal entry because it was a retarded, introspective piece of junk. So enjoy the good ol' Thursday entry instead.
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So...things are different. A little.

It's like a part of me is winding down, but another is gearing up. My favorite time of day is the morning or evening, the twilight hours, mostly the evening, because the sun has an orange sheen to it, and everyone is on their way home to be with their loved ones. It's a time of transition, of change. That's funny because I hate change.

Anyway. Finally finished with the book, done with the editing, except for one short story, which I'll just have to do sans my editor. She taught me a I think I'll be okay. Now I just have to get the artwork done, which shouldn't take long if my dexterity hasn't suffered as much as the rest of me had.

Things are different, but I'm looking to the future, of what could be, and all that. I've still got a great friendship to look forward to, but...there has to be that stagnation first. Well worth it, I would say.

There will always be a bit of pain, but the incredible memories that I have - and will always hold on to - tower over that pain, and then I'm alright.

People say that in a journey forward, you shouldn't look back.

I say screw that.

If you can look back and find the strength to keep going forward, that road won't seem nearly as painful.

Yeesh, gettin' all mushy and crap. You know who you are, and I'm glad you're still out there.

Be Safe.
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Got another job.

Finishing up the book.

Waiting for the income to increase so I can get things done.

Waiting for the right time.
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So, Valentine's Day is coming up, and me and :iconjustaperfect5th: exchanged our presents. I got her the Howl's Moving Castle Artbook, and a Kingdom Hearts Shadow plushie. She got me an awesome t-shirt with a picture of the Flux Capacitor + DeLorean + 88 MPH = THE FUTURE, and the pièce de résistance - A 1:24 diecast model of the DeLorean from Part II, complete with the Mr. Fusion! YAY!!

Now I've regressed into the five-year-old who watched the movies end-on-end day after day, playing with my old remote control version. Here's a sample of dialog overheard today:

"Oh no, Doc! We've traveled back to the time of the giant cats!"
"Engage Time Circuits!"

*aHEM* In other news, more Calvin & Hobbes -Later Days- strips. Like I said, I'll try to churn out more for you guys, I know how much you seem to like them. Sorry for not keeping up. I also have a lot of other pictures to get done, especially illustrations for the book. Lot's of ideas!

Stick with me kiddies!
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Hey...that's pretty good...I might have to use that title.

Anyway, I've been balls-deep in -Dissidia- Final Fantasy for the PSP since I got it a couple days before New Year's (Happy New Year's everyone). I've already logged over 60 hours into the game and still loving it. Plus, now I got :iconjustaperfect5th: into playing as Shonttoto.

I've got yet some more drawing ideas I need to get on paper, plus...some more Calvin and Hobbes that a lot of people have been asking as well get on that.

Or...I could go play more dissidia...hmmm.

OH!! Also, if you haven't seen a movie simply called "The Fall," you're missing out. It's very fantastically beautiful, and is a very touching story. Plus, Lee Pace (or those of you who watch Pushing Daisies - The Pie Maker) did a great job, and looked quite dashing as the Masked Bandit. Plus, the little girl Alexandria is freakin' adorable.

GO SEE IT! IT'S AWESOME! HAVE I EVER STEERED YOU WRONG? Well...there was that one time in Tijuana with the donkey, but...that's beside the point!

It's strange how most of my journal entry is some sort of review of something awesome that I currently like...
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I don't know what it is about VATS that makes it so cool. Maybe it's the slow-motion effect, using an SMG an watching all of the bullets trickle out of the gun as a ghoul's head burst into a red, eyeball strewn paste. It's handy for those fast enemies, or even for when your lazy. I'm talking about Fallout 3, of course, which plays as a Role-Playing Shooter, using normal shooting controls, and then a Vagrant Story-esque automatic targeting system. It's fun.

Anyways, writing, writing, writing. Coming up with new ideas that I can't put into effect until I actually get to that part in the story and whatnot. But then again, that's happened so much, I just jump ahead and try to write out the event while it's fresh in my head. It could be said that I have a story all planned out in my head, but write it out in patches, jumping back and forth between current events and later ones. It works for me, I suppose, so why mess with it?

Playing the heck out of LittleBigPlanet, already ran through the story with :iconjustaperfect5th:,and now I'm going to tackle creating levels. I have an idea for Back To The Future themed levels, but there's already too many out there of...well everything, kind of like Mario levels. If you have a PS3 and don't have LittleBigPlanet, there's something wrong with you, because it's a great game.

Oh, and go Obama. McCain's stupid flyers were right, "Change is Coming" the form of Barack Obama. It should be an interesting four years.
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So, here's another reason that makes the PlayStation 3 great; while I'm not playing anything, it cures cancer!

It uses the Foldinghome just like any other computer can, and basically what that does is, while you're not using your computer or PS3, you can set it up to lend its computing power to a mainframe system in Stanford to run simulations of folding protein strings. If a protein folds wrong, that's where things like Mad Cow Disease and other bad juju-magumbo come from. By running these simulations, it can study how protein folding works, which can help us find cures for cancer and even Alzheimer's. Basically, instead of having one super-computer run one simulation over twenty years, we can connect our computers, or better yet, our cell-processor equipped PS3's, to run like several simulations per day, increasing cancer research exponentially.

Haha, when people ask me at work what the difference between and PS3 and 360 is, I'll jokingly state that it helps cure cancer.

Other than the awesomeness of possibly helping wipe out cancer, LEGO Batman and Kirby Superstar Ultra are out, and I'll be thumbin' them up over the week with :iconjustaperfect5th:!

Hmmm...back to the Foldinghome thing, if we somehow manage to find a breakthrough in the research, maybe PS3 owners could get a trophy. I'd say helping cure cancer would be worth at least a gold, if not a platinum :nod:.

So yeah, if you have a computer or PS3; Fold, and maybe us gamers could save someone's life.
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Hrm...not really much to say for now. Playing Psychonauts, which is an incredible game that everyone with thumbs should play, it's both hilarious and oodles (oodles?) of fun. That and Super Mario RPG came out on the Virtual Console, and I picked up Gunstar Heroes and Bubble Bobble, too.

Otherwise, really just waiting on the rest of this month and the next. A crapload of stuff is happening. Star Wars: Force Unleashed is coming out, the remake of Kirby Superstar on the DS, Fallout 3. Not to mention Dom's birthday, and the most important, my One Year Anniversary with :iconjustaperfect5th:. Lots of money to shell out, but lot's of money raking in at the same time so...I suppose it all balances out in the end, right?

Talk to you later, kiddies.
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No, it's not a typo.

It's a reference to Psych season 2's episode "If You're So Smart, Why Are You Dead?"

The series is amusing, mixing mystery and comedy into one very entertaining ball. The main character is hyper-observant with a photographic memory, but pretends to be a psychic while solving crimes, much to the chagrin of his retired-from-the-force father.

What I've been thinking about lately is psychic ability. Shawn pretends to have psychic visions, kind of like the woman on Medium. Although I started to think of the other aspects of the physics of psychics, or "Physysics," if you will.

There's the term Psychic, but then there has also been Psychicker (which is pretty cool), as well as Esper (which is not taken from Final Fantasy VI), which comes from E-S-Per, used since the 60's. The usual stuff is that psychics can receive visions, or dive into different points in time. Memory Tracing is cool and all, but what about the flashy stuff?! Telekinesis is always been really cool, but what about other stuff that the Japanese have come up with? Elemental based skills that mimic magic that we know so well, but the best example seems to be "The World Ends With You."

Pyrokinesis, Force Rounds, Shockwave. All these abilities seem like something normally found in fantasy, but couldn't they also be true (or true to psychic skill fashion). Parasite Eve had a decent way to explain the phenomena of immolation; forcing air molecules to vibrate so quickly they create energy. Things based on actual physics might be possible for an esper who understands the world around them intimately enough, right?

I've also questioned whether someone with one skill could develop others, like some sort of Skill Tree. Exempli Gratia, if an esper could see into peoples' minds, could they also develop telekinesis or pyrokinesis? Or are all psychic abilities separate?

It's weird stuff, but fun to think about on breaks from the normalcy of life, because there's always room for artistic license. Psychic powers will always amuse me, and I'll probably end up compiling it all into a couple novels some day.

What fun things do you think about?
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So, you know what's a surprisingly fun game?

Crash of the Titans. You know, Crash Bandicoot? Naughty Dog didn't make this one, but I think the new publisher did a good job. They gave the characters new designs, and changed things around a little bit. Now there's an accentuation on combat, and you can to some cool moves like the "Norris Roundhouse," the hand-stand spin "Gyro Hammer," and the powerful uppercut "Chin Tickler" and the platforming is still there in all its glory. Not to mention they have some truly amusing moments, hilarious phrases, and a really nice attention to the graphics. It also has a very fun co-op play, and the nice hitch of stunning bigger enemies and then hopping on their backs to control them is really cool.

Anwyay, other than that, got a surge of ideas for DeathRent, adding in a flashy fight scene at the beginning instead of a boring little shoot-out, plus, I added a tanto-esque pistol to accommodate the use of the Royal Hearts foot and a quarter sidearm (each of which is a different pistol), not to mention the addition of the Seven Virtues of Bushido engraved on October's pistol, which perpetuates a samurai-like ideal within the Royal Hearts and his reasons for doing what he is doing.

Other than that, just messing around and havin' mah-self a good time.

Oh yeah, and playing Stranglehold online. You know what pisses me off, players who exploit the game! Farming cranes and the powerful weapons. Just a bunch of 12 year olds. Although there are some people who put up a pretty good fight and the fights can end up being pretty fun. All I have to say is that this game benefits from small, intimate encounters instead of like eight people blasting through a map. It's reminiscent of Goldeneye, and we all remember the fun we used to have in Goldeneye.

If you play Stranglehold, maybe you'll be a decent, respectable fighter to go up against!

Later kiddies.
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Trying to blaze through the last portions of the transcript is fun, although I've still got to edit and get all my illustrations done. But for now, I gotta focus on the big prize.

And stop pulling all-nighters with Metal Gear Solid 4. Well...maybe not stop entirely.

Speaking of MGS4; incredible game. If you haven't played it yet, go play it. And if you don't have a PS3, go get one (Pimpmasta S, ah'm lookin' at you!).

The refined controls make blazing shoot-outs much easier to handle, although I miss the haxx0r-like "Tactical Reload." It's not a glitch if they tell you in the manual how to implement it.


Otherwise, it's perfect. I wish they would have made the BB corps fights a little more interesting. The Beauty and the Beast unit is probably my favorite adversarial group in MGS history. Although, I miss the old days when you would defeat a boss and they would chat it up with Snake about their past with their dying breath, instead of Drebin calling you up and telling you, which begs the question, "How the hell do you know that?!"

After completing it, I went through again on a No Detection, No Kill game to get the Stealth Camouflage and Bandanna, which wasn't easy. The game goes a lot quicker if you skip the cutscenes, though!

If you're playing Metal Gear Online, I'm under the character name "Belts," and maybe we could play together.

Anyways, I'm gonna get back to writin', so I'll see you later kiddies!
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Metal Gear Solid 4 is almost here, and I'm working the midnight and next morning for it. You'd think I'd be angry but no, it'll be cool to talk about it to all the other fans, and we have a big trivia list set up to play with while we wait.

On the other hand, that night we apparently get to pop the game in our PS3 demo unit, which kinda bugs me...but it's not that bad.

In other MGS news, I had a weird-ass dream that I was playing it, and all the stuff with Young Snake turns out to be another guy names Coyote that's working side-by-side with was...weird.

Other than that, I beat The World Ends With You, but it has so much stuff to do after that that I'm still playing. Not to mention the secondary quests that give you reports, which give you insight into what was going behind the scenes. Not to mention, I really just love the Psych system. Usually I love a game more for its story, but this one I actually like the gameplay almost equally as the plot. Slashing, tapping and blowing on the touch screen is a lot of fun, and because I just love getting in battles, I've racked up a lot of Yen and Material pins. And then I got Cakes into it, which makes me happy to have another person to play it with,or at least talk about it.

I picked up a discounted Odin Sphere during our Game Day's sale, and I'm playing that to hold me over until MGS4. Other than that, still writing, as the deadline fast approaches. Later kiddies!
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